The American footballers from the Saar had an outstanding first half of the season with 7 victories and one narrow defeat.  This Saturday at 6 p.m., is the beginning of the second half of the season, the, with Canes right in the middle of the battle for top spot in the 1.Bundesliga. A victory over Allgäu Comets, currently fourth in the league, would place the Canes level on points with the league leaders. So far, almost everything has gone according to plan for the footballers from the Saar. Only in the first game of the season did the guys, guided by head coach Tom Smythe, not come together. The defense held former opponents Munich at bay, but the Canes attack simply could not put any points on the board. The Canes suffered a 0:3 defeat. All interested parties are still angry about this completely unnecessary defeat. But the team has since proved that they can successfully take on the best in the league. After the latest victory in Stuttgart it is clear that the Canes can beat all-comers this year. The victory at the Waldau-Stadium, Stuttgart is significant not only for the fact that it was first in the Canes history; but also the self-confidence it has given the team. From the perspective of the Hurricanes some records have already fallen this year. Never before has the first half of the season been so successful, never before have the Canes been leading the championship after 8 games. But these results are in the past. These battles have been fought and mostly won. It is now necessary to focus on the tasks in hand. On Saturday a dangerous opponent, the Allgäu Comets, comes to the Saar. After their latest home win against the German runners-up Schwäbisch Hall, who were undefeated in the south, it is clear that the Comets want to have a serious say in the fight for the top places. Since the teams have played an unequal number of games and obviously each of the top four can beat each other, the table is not currently meaningful. The Unicorns like the Hurricanes have only recorded a single 2 points loss. The Scorpions (currently the championship leaders) and indeed, the Comets have only lost one game more each, so both have lost a mere 4 points. In all probability the play-off places will be contested amongst these four teams. All teams must at least play one more time against each other. It is up to the Canes to not rest on their laurels, but to continue to attack. The next opponent from Kempten is characterized by strong defense power and a dangerous offense playmaker, Cedric Townsend. But the Saarländers have prepared well. In recent weeks the Offense newcomer Chris Douglas has been successfully integrated into the system. Quarterback Alexander Haupert is again in full command of his forces and will lead the attack. It will not only be the first home game of the season for Douglas but also for Lenny Greene. Greene, who in the last three away games had a big role in the successful defense unit, will make his home debut in front of the PubliCanes. He is looking forward to the atmosphere at the Ludwigspark Stadium just as much as Murat Senem who will make his comeback against the Comets. Unfortunately, the home side has to do without the suspended Benedikt Untersteller. But as always, the coaches will have a solution ready. The team has made great progress. They are hot for more and this is based on the support of the PubliCanes. On Saturday there will be a special challenge for the followers of the Canes, because the guests are being accompanied by a fan bus.

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